About Vann Chow

Vann Chow is a writer from Hong Kong who writes stories about Asia and Asian cultures in English. In 2015, her book Shanghai Nobody was featured on a popular Canadian book reading platform on the Top 20 General Fiction list for the most part of the year, and in 2016, her psychological thriller, The Pachinko Girl has been awarded the equivalent of an ‘Oscar’ by the same reading platform in the Hidden Gems category, beating over 140K other submissions.

Vann spent some time in America and she began writing when she noticed the lack of reading materials in English with strong protagonists of Asiatic origin that would resonate with Asian readers. Today, Vann writes for everyone who is interested in Asian way of life. Through her stories, Vann hopes to share the amazing, multi-faceted Asian history and culture with the wider world. Her stories are often lighthearted, humorful and full of meaning.

Vann’s favorite authors are Oscar Wilde, William Somerset Maugham, and Alain De Botton.

Contact her by emailing: vannchow@gmail.com or get in touch via one of the social media channels.