The Secrets of the Pachinko Girl

For three years, Misa Hayami had lived in disguise, making her living and trying to stay alive in the underbelly of Tokyo. The murders of two high school girls had inevitably exposed her identity. How could she get away from the dangers that were to come? And could she finally unveil the dark secret behind her mother’s death? Would more people have to sacrifice themselves for her crusade?

The Secrets of the Pachinko Girl is the latest release of the Tokyo Faces psychological thriller book series by award-winning novelist, Vann Chow. The first book of the series, The Pachinko Girl, has been awarded the equivalent of an ebook Oscar by the world’s largest online book reading platform in 2016, beating hundreds of thousands of submission by new writers all over the world. The book follows a cast of characters Carson Smith, the middle-aged American businessman, Tanaka Ryuuji, the disillusioned movie director, and Itsuki Miyazaki the corrupted detective in breakthrough multiple-first-person narrative technique in the journey across Japan to uncover the secrets behind a series of murders involving Misa Hayami and her biological father, Doctor Hasegawa. The book promises to run like a serialized television thriller and will left you breathless and surprised at every page such that you won’t stop thinking about it.

On top of its entertainment value, the Tokyo Faces series by Vann Chow attempted to explore a slew of human rights issues, in particular women’s right in conservative Asian countries. The feministic struggle of Japanese women between their inclination to adhere to traditional family gender roles and their unfulfilled desires to make something of themselves and come out from the shadows of men is one of the major themes of the series. Wrapped in psychological medical drama, the secrets of the Pachinko Girl and her family slowly unravels as the series develops, bringing awareness to the cultural and social problems faced by the silenced minority in Japan.

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