Map of Master Shanghai

Could you find some of these locations that appeared in the Master Shanghai trilogy?

Book I – Shanghai Nobody:

  • The Bund (an area)
  • Shanghai Zoo
  • With Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • Huang Pu Jiang (a river)
  • Shirley’s Family Mansion on Puming Road
  • Fudan University
  • Bao Shan Campus of the Shanghai University
  • Pudong International Airport

Book II – Shanghai Fools:

And what about these new locations from book II?

  • Shanghai Civic Service Bureau
  • Shanghai Pudong Banking District (location of fictional Bilious Norwegian Bank)
  • Shanghai Jumeirah Hotel
  • Dian Shan Yacht Wharf
  • Marvey’s Apartment in Xujin East
  • National Exhibition and Convention Center

Shanghai Fools also takes you out of Shanghai down the Yangtze river into the heartland of China. Could you find these places that the protagonists visited on the map above? (Hint: not all of them are in Sichuan!)

  • Wuhan
  • Chongqing
  • Chendu
  • Lizhou
  • Yibin
  • Qinghai

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