Bitcoin Clowns: Award-winning-novelist Vann Chow penned the world’s first action-packed crime fiction about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.   

Set in Shanghai, China, the home of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform and NEO Coin, the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world at the moment, the novel Bitcoin Clowns tells the story of a young, talented programmer Jong He who plunged into the mysterious and dark world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies because of a  joke cryptocurrency he created in one evening as a joke to mock the ICO speculative madness happening around the world.  Little did he know his invention would be quickly adopted and became the latest fad of the town, got backed by an international bank, helped create the world’s first cryptocurrency Billionaire, and even attracted adoption from a slew of criminals including South American counterfeit drug cartel and anonymous Eurasian hackers slash Robbin-hoods.  In the meantime, his cousin Cao had disappeared because of financial troubles at his company that sold ill-designed cryptocurrency funds of debatable legitimacy and his partner was found dead in the office after a client lost a huge amount of investments passing through their hands. His cousin’s other sketchy business partners were reluctant to tell him anything and law-enforcement was grossly unfamiliar with these new kinds of financial instruments to see through the thick plot of deception in front of them. Jong had to rely on his exceptional luck, incredible courage and loyalties of his friends once again to find his cousin and retrieve the missing millions.

Could Jong succeed, or would he be sacrificed and fade into obscurity in the latest, fiercest fight of the century on the digital realm for the kind of new digital gold and the power to control key businesses and perhaps even governments around the world?

The action-packed fiction told in first-person perspective follows Jong He, a highly intelligent but socially awkward Chinese programmer and his friends around the financial capital of the country for a cat-and-mouse chase in the biggest cryptocurrency heist of our time.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on June 30th, 2018.

The Secrets of the Pachinko Girl

For three years, Misa Hayami had lived in disguise, making her living and trying to stay alive in the underbelly of Tokyo. The murders of two high school girls had inevitably exposed her identity. How could she get away from the dangers that were to come? And could she finally unveil the dark secret behind her mother’s death? Would more people have to sacrifice themselves for her crusade?

The Secrets of the Pachinko Girl is the latest release of the Tokyo Faces psychological thriller book series by award-winning novelist, Vann Chow. The first book of the series, The Pachinko Girl, has been awarded the equivalent of an ebook Oscar by the world’s largest online book reading platform in 2016, beating hundreds of thousands of submission by new writers all over the world. The book follows a cast of characters Carson Smith, the middle-aged American businessman, Tanaka Ryuuji, the disillusioned movie director, and Itsuki Miyazaki the corrupted detective in breakthrough multiple-first-person narrative technique in the journey across Japan to uncover the secrets behind a series of murders involving Misa Hayami and her biological father, Doctor Hasegawa. The book promises to run like a serialized television thriller and will left you breathless and surprised at every page such that you won’t stop thinking about it.

On top of its entertainment value, the Tokyo Faces series by Vann Chow attempted to explore a slew of human rights issues, in particular women’s right in conservative Asian countries. The feministic struggle of Japanese women between their inclination to adhere to traditional family gender roles and their unfulfilled desires to make something of themselves and come out from the shadows of men is one of the major themes of the series. Wrapped in psychological medical drama, the secrets of the Pachinko Girl and her family slowly unravels as the series develops, bringing awareness to the cultural and social problems faced by the silenced minority in Japan.

The Pachinko Girl Won a Wattys, the World’s Largest Online Writing Competition Award

The Pachinko Girl is a suspenseful, psychological thriller. The story begins with a chanced encounter between middle-aged American expat Smith and 18-year-old Japanese pachinko parlor hostess Misa, whose paths crossed because of a murder investigation. The Pachinko Girl is the book one of the Tokyo Faces series, inspired by actual events of social injustice against women and underprivileged community in Japan. Note that the book was previously named The White Man and the Pachinko Girl but has later been updated to simply The Pachinko Girl.

Vann Chow will receive premium exposure to Wattpad’s community of 45 million people and their work will be recognized as one of the most-loved Wattpad stories from the millions posted every year. It will also be featured alongside other 2016 Watty award winners through a promoted Wattpad reading list and official Wattys story cover badge. Vann Chow has also signed on to the Wattpad Star Program which supports successful writers by providing exciting opportunities to work with leading brands and partners in various media.

This year, almost 140,000 writers entered The Wattys by tagging their original work with #Wattys2016 on the Wattpad App or website. Millions of people in the community read, voted, and shared their favorite stories online to help Wattpad select the 2016 list of winners. Overall, people spent 13 billion minutes engaged with Wattys content this year, including Vann’s story.

“The Watty’s is a writing contest like no other. It’s a chance for storytellers of all levels to get recognition from a global audience,” said Marc. “The Wattpad community is obsessed with the annual competition and has spent 13 billion minutes reading and engaging with this year’s submissions.”

The Wattys highlight the love the community has shown for the most popular genres on Wattpad, and recognizes the effort of writers in the international community. Numerous Wattys winners have worked with top brands like Mondelez, Paramount Pictures, and Kraft through Wattpad’s Brand Stories native ad program. Some have even seen their work produced for film, print, television, and digital platforms through Wattpad Studios.

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Shanghai Nobody

Shanghai Nobody is book one of the fiction series, Master Shanghai. It is the story of one young Chinese man’s adventure to find love and purposes in the 21st-century Chinese metropolis.

Written in a humorous tone, author Vann Chow brought to you a satire of urban life in China. The story explores cultural phenomenon such as China’s gender imbalance, selfish generation, newly rich, migrant workers, digital loneliness and Capitalist tyranny, reflecting on the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the rise of a modern nation through the eyes of one nobody of Shanghai.

Shanghai Nobody was first published online Shanghai Nobody was first published online on Wattpad, a popular Canadian book reading platform that has over 100 million users worldwide. Shanghai Nobody has been featured as one of the top 20 general fiction on the platform since early 2016.

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The Pachinko Girl

A lonely, middle-aged American businessman on an expat assignment in Tokyo met young Japanese hostess Misa at a Pachinko parlor by chance. Knowing her personal woes, he gave her his winning from gambling in exchange for Japanese lessons. That large sum of money incriminated them to false accusation of sex trade. Meanwhile, an ex-adult film producer investigated the death of a French movie producer of cult status who happened to have filmed Misa in his last legendary work in Japan, in which she died in a freak accident during filming.

The Pachinko Girl is the book I of the Tokyo Faces series by Vann Chow. Inspired by actual events of social injustice against women and underprivileged community in Japan, Tokyo Faces trilogy is a work of art that fused the storylines of lost souls living in the breathless city of Tokyo into a gripping adventure that rediscovers social issues around key social archetypes such as the loyal salaryman and middle-aged divorcee (Carson Smith), the promiscuous teenage girl (Misa Hayami) and the defeated artist (Tanaka Ryuuji), whose internal turmoil and external struggles with the world society have chosen to ignore so far.

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